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Mouse Of Zen: Disney Inspired, Mouse Sized Poetry


Book Author: J.B. Conway

I must admit, when my friend “DizFanatic” asked me to review a collection of Disney-inspired poetry, I was a little worried; poetry is one of those things that can sometimes be pretentious, or even worse, woefully boring. However, when he handed me the copy I noted the title: “Mouse of Zen: Disney Inspired, Mouse-Sized Poetry” I flipped through to see hundreds of Haikus, and laughed. “He’s clever, at least.”

The title is a good representation of what this book has to offer. J.B. Conway, obviously artistically inspired by his love of all things Disney, has created a lovely collection of poems that give little snapshots of his Disney experience. His modern Haiku form works very well as J.B. weaves together sensuous metaphors and similes full of colors, textures, flavors and sounds such as:


Sunlight in my face

these Mickey and Minnie clouds

dance above children


He describes the parks, rides and seasonal entertainments with simple, vivid details that instantly transport you to the Main Street Parade:


hearts pound like drummers

marching down main street dream

eyes of kids widen



or expresses the enjoyment of a beloved refreshment in Adventure land:


the sounds of sunshine

golden hues bathe us in light

to dole whip summers


If you’ve ever visited any of the parks, you will find it hard not to identify with the experience he shares with us. Granted, this is quick, light, breezy reading, but I think that’s what makes this poetry collection so particularly enjoyable; one poem will be silly, while the very next one reaches for the sublime, like #346:


castle draped in lights

brighter than the smile from lips

of fragile angels


Above all though, J.B. Conway seems to capture the wonder without falling into to much sentimentality, which in its self is a great creative effort. However he does allow himself a little Disney-romanticism when it comes to his children to which he dedicates the book:


hot chocolate eyes

burn a smile deep in my soul

daughter, a princess


I doubt there is a father alive who hasn’t experienced that burning smile deep in their soul!

The Mouse of Zen is a great book for fans of Disney or fans of light-hearted, but ethereal poetry. Admittedly some of the Haikus are forgettable, but the ones that aren’t remain long after, much like a Disney experience itself. J.B. Conway describes the feeling better than me when he writes:


Burn my memory

With images of childhood

Laughing with a mouse


So here’s to laughing with a mouse, and J.B. Conway’s poetry, Enjoy!


Review by D.M. Yglesias 2010

You can purchase a copy from Amazon.com and can view sample pages as well. Also check out the official website at http://www.mouseofzen.com/

A electronic copy of this book was provided to DizFanatic.com for review.  DizFanatic.com has NOT been compensated for this review.

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