Magical Collections


What happens when a DizFanatic becomes an obsessive collector?

You get a DizCollector!

Welcome to Magical Collections is excited to welcome Kim Pierce to the family. Kim is a chronic collector of both the conventional and sometimes not so conventional. One common thread with these collections is that they are all related to Disney in one way or another.

Focusing on the collection habits of herself and many Disney fans alike, Kim, our resident "DizCollector", has introduced a column called "Magical Collections". Keep your eyes and ears open for new installments of this fun new column. We take no responsibilities for any collectable addiction which you may incur as a result of reading the information set forth on this website.


Volume 1 - An Introduction to the Wide Word of Disney Collectibles!


Volume 2 - Disney's Mini PVC Characters and Icons!


Volume 3 - Disney's Vinylmation!


Volume 4 - Freebies: Park Tickets & Room Keys


Volume 5 - Coming Soon!


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