°o° Walt Disney World Parks Aerial Photography! °o°


Our friend Scott Keating is kind enough to share some of his spectacular aerial photographs of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. I can imagine the exhilarating feeling of flying above my favorite place in the world and seeing the sights that are so precious to me from a whole different perspective.  Click on the photos for a larger version.

Newer Photos on the bottom of each section.

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Magic Kingdom Entrance

Main St. Flag at Half Mast Dec. 7, 2011

Celebrate It Party @ the Hub

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Closed for Refurb. (Jan. 12, 2012)

Big Thunder Mountain Rehab (Feb. 14, 2012)

Big Thunder Mountain (March 14, 2012)

Big Thunder Mountain (March 30, 2012)

Big Thunder- New Rockwork @ Station

(April 11, 2012)

EPCOT Entrance (Note Tron-o-Rail in the station)

Test Track (Between Mexico & Mission: Space)

Magic Kingdom


Disney Hollywood Studios

Lights, Motors, Action & Catastrophe Canyon


Disney’s Animal Kingdom

120x60 Disney Store