Magical Collections

Vol. 1

"An Introduction to Disney Collections"

By Kim Pierce

Ever go to Walt Disney World or Disneyland and find you come home with more things than you can ever imagine? Whether it be the typical park map, fastpass, or your own favorite souvenir, I always find that after every Disney vacation I come home with tons of “stuff” I have to sort through. While an onlooker might call some of the stuff brought back as junk, I beg to differ. This stuff finds homes at various places in my house and after a few more vacations it starts to turn into collections. Hi, my name is Kim Pierce, and I’m a Disney collecting addict.


When I first began writing this column for I kept thinking about all the different Disney collections I had and all the wonderful stories behind how they started. Each collection brings back wonderful memories of different experiences I’ve had with family and friends in the parks. Walt Disney once said, “it all started with a mouse” and I can certainly start talking about each one of my collections with those first four words, “it all started with...” Because doesn’t everything start from something? All my collections, whether obvious collections or more obscure collections, started with the first initial piece obtained for a particular reason, which then gained one friend and then another friend and soon became a Disney collection needing additions from every trip.


While some of my collections began on purpose, others began by chance, or after discussions with friends about what they tend to save and/or purchase after a typical Disney vacation. I’ve been collecting knick-knacks from Disney since my childhood and they’ve only gotten bigger and better in the years since my very first collection began. Some of my collections don’t break the bank while others may cost a pretty penny. I tend to accumulate things that catch my eye, or have a special meaning to me. These collections are either predominately displayed in my house, or can be found in boxes under my bed or in my closet. The collections that are boxed up do not hold any less meaning to me- they simply cannot be displayed easily. No matter where they are in my house, however, they always remind me of my favorite place in the world. I like to call them my “magical collections” as that’s exactly what they do for me- keep the Disney magic alive while I’m not vacationing the house of the mouse.


Each upcoming volume will contain information about a different Disney collection I currently have, a collection I’d like to have, or collections that are out there that hold no interest to me personally, but many people love and enjoy. I’d love to hear comments about my personal collections or any Disney collections you have yourself.


So I leave you with this final question: Are you ready to admit that you are a fellow Disney collecting addict? And if so, what’s your collection of choice?

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