DizTech is a column that focuses on the impact of Disney in the world of technology and the use of technology throughout the universe of Disney.  Join us as we take a look at some amazing technologies that were developed by Walt Disney and his Imagineers and some new inventions on the horizon.  We also look at how Disney is utilizing other cutting edge technology to create and enhance our experiences.

DizTech Volume 1  -

The Peoplemover, Ride Tomorrow's Transportation... Today


DizTech Volume 2  -

Epic Adventures Coming!


DizTech Volume 3  -

The Ins and Outs of Keychest!


DizTech Volume 4  -

The Disney Dimension - 3D in the Parks and Movies!


DizTech Volume 5  -

Real-Life Canvas: Animating With Animatronics!


DizTech Volume 6  -

Disney's Multiplane Canera: The Original New Dimension!


DizTech Volume 7  -

Fantasound: An Audio Revolution Ahead of its Time!


DizTech Volume 8  -

ESPN's Cutting Edge Technologies!


DizTech Volume 9  -

Touch Meets Texture With TeslaTouch!


DizTech Volume 10 -

A New Piece of Cake: Disney Interactive Cake!


DizTech Volume 11 -

Taking User Interaction to the Next Level with MotionBeam!


DizTech Volume 12 - (Updated!)

Disney's NextGen: RFID Wristbands, Photopass & FastPass enhancements, in-park experiences!


DizTech Volume 13 - Coming Soon!



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