°o° Hidden Mickeys Exposed! °o°


Most people know the story behind the Hidden Mickeys in Disney movies, theme parks and resorts. Some people know that there are also naturally occurring Hidden Mickeys. Then there's those of us who have nothing better to do that to create our own Hidden Mickeys no matter what we are doing. This section is dedicated top exposing all three of these phenomena's.


We've separated them into their three basic groups:


Type 1: "Real" Hidden Mickeys created by Disney Imagineers.


Type 2: "Natural" Hidden Mickeys created purely by accident or Mother Nature.


Type 3: Hidden Mickeys created intentionally by Disney Fanatics.


We encourage you to share any hidden Mickeys which you have discovered, or created. Please submit photos to Mike@DizFanatic.com. Please include your name as you would like it posted on the site, and the location of the Hidden Mickey or any story they may go along with it.

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