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Disney Inspired Tattoos:  Alice In Wonderland!

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Updated on August 16, 2015

Disney art touches so many people. Some people love to express their love of Disney art through body art. Here are photos of some of our fellow DizFanatics and their personal expression of their love of the art.


If you have a Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel or Muppets tattoo that you would like to share, please submit your photo to us and we'll gladly post it. And a big thanks to those of you who already have.

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Christine J.

Lake's "Alice in Wonderland". A complete mural of our favorite scenes from the animated classic created by an amazing artist, Holly Azzara, who is kind enough to share her work with us. You can see more of Holly's creations or contact her on her website: www.hollyazzara.com

Lake's "Alice in Wonderland".

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