Rumored WDW Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Makeover


The buzz is increasing for the Fantasyland Makeover. We hear that the Little Mermaid ride may have the green light, but we hear also that there will be a large multi-year makeover of the entire Fantasyland. Hear's what I am told so far:

Here's a recent satellite view of the area. You can see the Speedway to the right, with Mickey's Toontown Fair above it. To the left of TTF you can see the filled in 20K Leagues lagoon with the little space carved out for the Thousand Acre Woods playground. Just to the left, you then see Dumbo with the Carrousel to the lower left of Dumbo and the Castle below. Now compare that to the drawing below and you'll see some major changes.


In this "leaked" drawing below, let's start in the reverse order. In the lower left, you see the carousel - a good reference point as I am told it will remain in place. To the upper right, where Dumbo "was", you see a castle wall which will be the new entrance to the expanded Fantasyland.


Ariel's Grotto goes away to make room for the newly expanded Beauty & Beast section which will house a "Story time with Belle", a large "Be Our Guest" restaurant, Gaston's Tavern and some themed shops. To the right, Ariel takes up the rest of the old lagoon with a themed land and the long awaited Voyage of the Little Mermaid along with a Meet & greet & a King Triton's Carousel.

The upper right corner, where Mickey's Toon Town Fair currently lives will be home to two Dumbo rides with a new interactive cue. I am told that the Train Station will receive a circus treatment tied into Dumbo. Below the new dual Dumbo’s is the relocated Pixie Hollow where you will find a larger than life play area, a meet & greet and of course, me (trying to steel a kiss from my beloved Tink!) Goofy's Barnstormer strangely sits in it original place, but I wonder if it is to be re-themed to fit in with the new Fantasyland. I thought that this may become the rumored 7 dwarfs mine coaster, but I hears from a few sources that the dwarfs will get their own coaster, kiddy friendly of course, but I don't see it on the plans.


OK, moving back, to the left of Pixie Hollow, Aurora has a home with a meet & greet and attraction, just above the current Pooh playground, which stays in place. Speaking of Pooh, his very popular ride will get a new cue treatment similar to the well themed line in California with some nice planted pathways. Finally, in the heart of the new Fantasyland, Cinderella has an area of her own (A castle was just not good enough) with her own themed attraction and a meet & greet.

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