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The Latest Rumors From The Universe Of Disney. Some Information is Close To Being Confirmed, While Others May Seem Far Fetched. Yes, Rumors..

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*We’ve been away for quite some time, so here are some of the more recent rumors that have been heating up.  Some have been around a while but they’re all hot right now.

Walt Disney World:  **Sources close to the action stated that the Be Our Guest breakfast service IS in fact coming spring 2015! Expect an announcement early 2015.  **With all the preparatory closures at Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida, presumably for a large Star Wars Land, Mama Melrose and The Great Movie Ride are both on the kill list, but for much later in the restructuring of the park.  Although I haven’t been told if it is a complete gut or a major re-theming, the GMR will no longer exist as we know it.  Plus, a major dining “experience” themed to Star Wars is under development as Imagineers look to Be Our Guest as the framework.  **Construction on the 3rd Soarin’ theater in EPCOT has begun, although not “officially” announced.  **A Puerto Rico pavilion in EPCOT is said to be getting closer to a reality as Disney has been speaking with possible corporate sponsors… but, we’ve heard these “country” rumors almost every year, so let’s just keep our fingers crossed.  **We’ve heard again from another source that a replacement for EPCOT’s IllumiNations is in currently development.  **While the recent acreage that Disney has aquires on the west side of WDW fuels all sorts of 5th gate rumors and green land offsets, the latest buzz is that it may be for local CP housing.

Confirmed! Disneyland: **Disneyland may be receiving a clone of the new “Paint the Night” parade for its 60th Birthday, which just debuted in Hong Kong with rave reviews.

Disneyland Paris:  **With Disney’s latest infusion of $$ into Disneyland Paris, a few rumors are heating up:  **Star Tours 2.0 will finally be coming in 2017 along with a post show meet & greet experience and a new Jedi Academy.  **Big Thunder Mt. will receive some interactive upgrades similar to the US enhancements in an upcoming refurb.  **Pirates will receive some of the enhancements that the US versions received and possibly an exterior facelift.  **Toy Story Mania and a Marvel attraction may be coming to Disney Studios as well.

Tokyo Disneyland:  **Coming on the heels of the expansion announcement, it is rumored that a “major” Frozen themed attraction would be part of the investment.  



Some Items Confirmed!  *Norway Frozen Ride Rumor Heats Up! A recent news report in Norway discussed negotiations between Disney and the Norway travel minestry regarding the financials involved in refurbishing the Maelstrom and transforming it into a Frozen ride.  *EPCOT’s Soarin’ to add a third, and possibly a fourth theater to handle the crowds and prepare for future larger crowds expected with the installment on the new movie.  We hear that back stage preparations have already begun.  Anybody know more on this?  *Toy Story Mania to possibly expand in WDW’s Hollywood Studios to handle more guests as this attraction consistantly has long wait times and fastpasses go quickly, very similar to EPCOT’s Soarin’.  We’re not sure if this is a real plan or just an old blue sky that just crept its way back onto the net, but if we hear more, we’ll pass it along.  *Once again the “Moderate DVC” rumor has displayed her colors.  Maybe a standard “bus driver” news flash but this time it’s Caribbean Beach again and not Port Orleans.  With DVC-Poly opening soon, I’m sure many are wondering where DVC will invade next…



*Star Wars Land announcement coming soon? We recieved a few emails regarding a possible Disneyland Star Wars Land announcement coming this spring or summer.  While Disney confirmed that they “using the force” and are working on some Star Wars theme park additions, we may finally get that West Coast announcement now that Avatarland construction has officially begun.



*Frozen Overlay May Be Coming to Norway Pavilion. Wild buzz all over the place is points to some sort of  overlay to the Maelstrom in EPCOT.  While we did hear that Imagineers are toying with some ideas, the rumors range from a full blown teardown and rebuild down to a simple scene replacement (think Johnny Depp addition to POTC ride) We’ll keep you posted when we hear more.



*Disney may be shopping its ABC TV stations. The NY Post has reported that Disney may be looking for an investment banker to handle the pricing & sale.  In 2010, Disney sold two stations in Flint, Mich., and Toledo, Ohio. At the time, smaller stations were selling for between $10 million and $30 million.  The ABC-owned station group consists of WABC-TV in New York, KABC-TV in Los Angeles, WLS-TV in Chicago and WPVI-TV in Philadelphia. The total revenue for Disney’s broadcast stations last year was $5.82 Billion.  ABC stations currently get $2 per subscriber from satellite and cable providers but can fetch a large lump sum if sold.



Confirmed *Polynesian DVC Rumor Heats Up! Our friends over at Screamscape have posted some interresting drawings and an exciting update on this rumor.  They are stating that along with a typical Vacation Club expansion building, 20 “water bungalows” will be constructed on the water in the Seven Seas Lagoon! While this may sound outrageous, I personally think this will be an awesome addition unlike anything here in the states (think Tahiti) If you’ve ever stayed in the treehouse villas, pictur that with a Polynesian theme, on the water...



*Some interresting concept art which has surfaced almost a year ago, we were told again is related to the upcoming Avatar land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  We’re not sure how credible this is, but we are told that a 3D E-Ticket with a Simtec Hex-a-Flite ride system (similar to Soarin’, but like a theater on a Kuka Arm) will be the main attraction. A boat ride that was discussed appears in the floor plan as being partially indoors.  The plans have evolved since, but make of it what you will. Another source just told us that we will definitely be seing much more in just a few days coming out of Anahiem.  *Some lucky guests at D-23 this year will get to experience Disney Imagineering’s “Digital Immersive Showroom” (DISH) which has been used to help design a few recent atractions by vitually experiencing the rides during the design phase.




Some Items Confirmed! *As we approach this year’s D-23 Expo, all kinds of wild Star Wars Land rumors are flying around from the logical safe “guesses” to the totally out of this world grand plans.  While Disney confirmed that they will tease us with possible Star Wars and Avatar attractions, we are still hearing from reliable sources that the huge DHS expansion is real. I am told that we “definitely” be seeing some real Avatar concept art this week, but everyone is tight-lipped about Star Wars, “but DO expect a surprise…” .  *We still are hearing that the Polynesian DVC addition is a go and will be announced once the Grand Floridian DVC opens for business and some buzz about an Animal Kingdom nigh time show, but we’ve heard that one before…


*We’ve heard the new free dining promotion rumors bouncing for the last few weeks with dates coming and going.  While we can’t confirm this with our agent friends, we are now hearing August first as a more reliable promotion announcement date.  We’re not sure if it’s a free dining or room discount at WDW, but there’s something going on 8/1.  *Disney confirmed what we’ve known as rumor for a while regarding the relocation of “The Festival of the Lion King” theater in Animal Kingdom behind Tusker House.



*Although we heard a while back that the Soarin’ attractions will be receiving a digital ultra definition upgrade in the near future, we are now hearing that it may come to pass in early 2014 during the “slow” season. At the same time, we hear again the annual rumor of the “Soarin’ Over the World” film may be installed worldwide in 2016 to celebrate the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland, which will be receiving this new version on opening day.  *For those interested, Johnny Depp is supposedly in talks with Disney to bring back the Mad Hatter for a sequel to the high grossing live action Alice in Wonderland.


*Although Disney's Theatrical unit has confirmed that Aladdin will be playing at the New Amsterdam Theater in NYC, other shows have been rumored or hinted at in recent months; A table read was recently held of the Hunchback of Notre Dame which ran in Germany in 1999 along with music & lyrics by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. Some new songs have been supposedly written. Father of the Bride also had a recent table read conducted by director Bartlett Sher with M/L by Joshua Schmidt/Michael Korie. Christopher Ashley is said to be directing a regional theater production of Freaky Friday in the near future. Back in May a 15 minute presentation of a Muppet production was demonstrated but no further word on that.  A musical version of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is supposedly being developed along with director Rob Ashford.  *Those WDW Hollywood Studios Star Wars Land rumors really heated up last week when the internet world decided to start dancing with the ultimate dream once again. While we hear that there IS credibility to these rumors, Disney is trying hard to keep a much tighter lip then when the Fantasyland plans were leaked. I've heard that Disney P&R has earmarked just under $2 Billion for a major DHS makeover (remember DCA). I've heard that the Carsland rumor is also credible and Disney may announce these park-within-a-park's at separate times. "Don't be fooled by no parks & resorts presentation at D23 Expo" said one source.  *Site line balloons were seen flying above Stage 17 at DCA last week which is currently used for events only. That revived the rumor that "if Monsters 2 does well, the Monsters inc. coaster will be a go." Note that the balloons were flying high indicating a tall building. Monstropolis may be coming…


05/16/2013 *Disney may be considering the Haunted Mansion rooms which were part of a consumer interest survey about 3 years ago.  The original survey included concepts & artwork for the Pirates and Royal themed rooms which eventually became reality.  With the success of those rooms, we’ve heard that Disney is reconsidering the HM rooms and another new concept.  Original survey text: “Come spend the night with a few of the happy haunts who play in an enchanted bedroom inspired by the Haunted Mansion. Rest atop the floating Doom Buggy beds with a couple of friendly spooks and watch glow-in-the-dark, cartoon-like footsteps mysteriously appear as the evening sets in. A sliding bookcase creates a hidden passage to the bathroom and is the perfect hiding place for a hitch-hiking ghost. Oversized furnishings with curvy lines and bright colors add to the whimsy in the room. Guests will delight in finding the hidden special effects that play up the merry, rather than scary, room ambiance.”



*Although we’ve been hearing that details on Avatar land will be coming this spring (real soon), we are also hearing that the model or some 3D graphics will be revealed at this year’s D23 Expo. Nothing solid and that’s still far off.  *We’re hearing all kind of other park rumors including Disneyland, CA & EPCOT, but I think it’s nothing more than speculation at this point.  The WDW Hollywood Studios rumors are spreading on the net like wildfire, but no “new” news.  *Hong Kong’s government may have spilt the beans too soon in February when it stated that HKDL will build a “Marvel Land” in the park. Disney has yet to confirm this. (So is this news or a rumor??) Read the full story here.   *The Fall free WDW Dining promo is said to be coming out in May (keep fingers crossed), and something “big” is coming to Disney Cruise Line.  Not sure if its a new ship or major refurb of the original ships but there is a press event this week and we don’t know if this is the announcement or not. We’ll see… *Nearly a year ago, Disney files a patent for a new omnimover system which can actually cris-cross itself making for a unique ride layout that seems to be more space efficient. The sketches filed are believed to be for a new Monsters Inc. ride slated for Hong Kong DL.  


CONFIRMED!!! *It’s been a while since we heard any news about the re-theming of Downtown Disney & Pleasure Island into the “Hyperion Wharf” shopping district. Although concept art was released and some new businesses opened such as Splittsville, nothing more has been said.  Well, a couple of days ago, a “friend” told me about some grander plans that may be in store for Downtown Disney. Take a peak at an interesting rumor called “Disney Springs”. Yes, I would love to see the “real” Pleasure Island return, I wonder if this major rework would have a nighttime district?



*We keep hearing buzz from many sources that we will be finally hearing some details about Avatar Land sometime this spring. One report even stated that it will piggyback an exciting announcement related to Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida. We’ve all heard the Carsland rumor, but I’m also hearing about a Monster’s Inc. Dark ride similar to the one planned for Shanghai. We also heard from a few sources that a new parade will come to Magic Kingdom (which is overdue), but this time it sounds promising. Anybody know more?



CONFIRMED!!! *The bad news may lead to some good news. The bad news is that the Broadway production of Mary Poppins will end this spring. The good news (or rumor for now) is that the stage production of Aladdin will take stage at the New Amsterdam Theater once MS. Poppins flies off into the sunset.  This musical production had a test run in Seattle in 2011, and if the rumored Broadway run has the comic relief of the production staged at Disney’s California Adventure theme park, I say it will be a winner!  While I’m sad to see Mary Poppins depart, Aladdin will be a welcome addition to NYC. Anybody whose seen the DCA production would likely agree.  We’ll keep you posted.



CONFIRMED!!! *I was visited by a spirit who gave me some exciting news. Our dear friends Jack Skellington & Sally will be doing their very first Meet & Greet in Walt Disney World this weekend! Stop by Downtown Disney Friday/Saturday/Sunday (9/28,29,30) and meet Jack & Sally near Harley Davidson & the Fork & Screen hourly 6,7,8,9,10PM. I am told that this is a test to gauge interest, so let’s all go show our love for the couple of the season!!



*The good old “New EPCOT Pavilion” rumor popped up once again with the 30th anniversary just a few weeks away. We’ve heard this so many times that it will actually be a real surprise when it really does happen. Of course we would love a new (well done) pavilion in World Showcase. We’ve also heard more about an update to IllumiNations is coming soon. *Word on the street is that “Avatarland” is being delayed due to “creative difference” between Disney & the owners. Still waiting for an artwork leak….



*Rumors flying around today on Wall Street that Disney may be interested in purchasing Disneyland Paris (Disney currently owns 40% of the Euro Disney Corp.) This will enable Disney to provide more capitol investment into the property, so we may see some further expansion in the future.



CONFIRMED!!! *We've been hearing more and more buzz, but a good source is telling us that Disney's new cruise ship "Fantasy" will be christened on Feb. 29, 2012 in New York City. It has already been confirmed that she will be arriving in NYC on Feb. 28 and departing for Port Canaveral on March 4th.



CONFIRMED!!! *As we heard last month, Disney posted on their WDW site that they will be making a special announcement on New Years Eve. Still no word on what, but they are now calling 2012 "The Year of More Magic".



CONFIRMED!!! *A friend sent over some concept art for the Disney Dreams nighttime show rumored to be headed to Disneyland Paris. Looks like it may be using similar technology as World of Color and maybe the projection tech of Magic Memories & You on the castle. Anybody have more information about this?



*Several months ago we reported on the RFID Wristband system, PhotoPass Enhancements and more! In the past week, Disney has begun a less secretive test on this system in both EPCOT and Magic Kingdom. New RFID park tickets and RFID stickers for existing tickets are being utilized in a small test area at EPCOT's entry gates utilizing readers similar to the ones in our DizTech report with the addition of a biometric reader. (see photo from Theme Park Review below). Also, Disney has begun testing the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (also covered in DizTech) which is utilizing RFID. Although the wristbands have not been spotted in any wide spread testing, the RFID chips which they will utilize are now in several test programs. *Now we're also hearing that there may be an announcement on New Years Day 2012 kicking off a new promotion and some exciting "Magic". That's all we heard, but with the RFID testing going on and no word on what is going in the Fantasyland tents yet, one can only speculate...


         RFID Entry in EPCOT                               Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom



*CONFIRMED!!! With D23 Expo just days away, rumors are heating up for a few exciting things. Hear's what we heard: Grand Floridian DVC wing has been green lit, Major announcement for EPCOT, More Fantasyland surprises, Large amount of Shanghai Disneyland info & art to be released, A big movie "surprise" and some Nextgen info including RFID Wristband system, PhotoPass Enhancements and more! In just a few days we'll see which of these rumors becomes reality.



*Disney to produce Angry Birds movie? Well we don't know for sure, but according to Bloomberg, Rovio Mobile, the maker of our not so happy feathery friends, is working on a full length movie script and has been scouting around for a partner studio. Furthermore, they also stated that they "appointed David Maisel, former chairman of Marvel Studios, which produced the “Iron Man” films, to be special adviser and executive producer of “Angry Birds” movies. A veteran of Hollywood agencies, Maisel led the sale of Marvel Entertainment to Disney in 2010." I could see a movie or TV series being a cute thing. But how about a ride too? You can read the more here.



*With Pirates 4: On Stranger Tides opening this week, it's been reported that Terry Rossio stated that he has delivered the script for Pirate 5 to Disney. Johhny Depp, on the other hand, is said to not be in such a rush to begin filming. I would assume that being the wise man the Depp is, he will wait to see the public's reaction to P4 before jumping in. If all goes well (as I hope it does as a big Pirates fan) I will assume that he will be on board with P5 and the still buzzing P6.



*Rumors are spreading that a new Muppet Vision film may be in the planning stages. Can this be one of the D23 announcements coming this summer?. *CONFIRMED!!! We are also heard a while back that with the loss of Donald's Boat in MTTF, a replacement water playground will be coming to Magic Kingdom. If you take a look at the revised Fantasyland concept art, you'll see a water playground in the new Storybook Circus area. Hmmmmm.



A few reports have come in stating the "Monsters Inc. 2" will actually be a prequil to the original film showing Mike 7 Sully's days at the Monster Fear School. We'll let you know as we hear more.

An interesting rumor, we are told that Walt Disney Studios is beginning preparations for 2 sequels - Pirates 5 & 6, to be filmed back to back. We hear that the box office results of Pirates 4 will determine if they go ahead with it. I imagine it would have to take place after Depp finishes Disney's Lone Ranger film and a new project with Tim Burton. We'll see what develops with this one. And for a teaser, check out ET's exclusive behind the scenes look at
Pirates 4 Here!


New Resort Rumors Continue!

We've talked about this a few months ago and it appears that the "Buffalo Junction" rumor is gaining some more merit. The sketches that I've seen back in July have made their way onto an official site plan (or so it appears) and is now making its way around the web. My source tells me that there may be an early Spring 2011 announcement about the resort. We'll keep you posted. And of course if you know anything, let us know.



CONFIRMED!!! Fantasyland Still Evolving!

We know that Disney officially stated that they are still tweeking some details about the expansion, but we keep hearing that the long rumored 'Seven Dwarfs Mine Train" coaster will be part of the project. Now we hear that the Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella interractive meet & greets are going bye-bye to make way for the indoor/outdoor coaster. Pixie hollow is both rumored as going away and being completely re-imagineered. I vote for the second as my beloved Tinkerbell deserves an up-scale meet & greet. Strangely, we're now hearing buzz that Snow White's Scary Adventure will be closing for good after the holidays to make way for new Princess meet & greets. Anybody know more? Concept art perhaps?



Quick Little Rumor!

This may not be earth shattering, but we've heard that ABC Television and Marvel are working on a new live action Incredible Hulk TV Series. Sounds like it can be fun if done right.



More Rumors Spinning Around!

Ok, it's been a while since we've given an update, but here's a few noteworthy items: Many rumors af a new DVC resort have been resurfacing themselves over the last month; Grand Floridian, Polynesian and even Port Orleans? But one that I haven't heard in about 2 years is now louder than ever - the removal of River Country for a new DVC resort based on the long forgotten Buffalo Junction concept. This could be just because they are finally (and sadly) removing the decommissioned park. Another interesting bit is that Pixar may be about to create a CG film based on Dr. Strange. This, if true, will be a departure from Pixar's more family friendly movies as Dr. Strange is a bit of a dark character. We here that Disney will be announcing a new WDW celebration as it will be Magic Kingdom's 40th Birthday in 2011. This celebration may include both a new daytime parade and new fireworks spectacular. We've also been hearing that "lap bars" will be installed on WDW's Splah Mountain ride logs during its winter rehab.



EPCOT Rumor Buzz... AGAIN!

We I know, I know... It seems that this rumor heats up every couple of years, and here it is again. We've been hearing some inside noise for a while, but now it's all over the place... the famous "new World Showcase Country" rumor. With EPCOT's 30th anniversary coming up in 2 short years, it just seems more hopeful now that we'll actually see a new pavilion, maybe Spain? We're also hearing that there may be something going on to bring back Wonders of Life in a new form. We'll see...



Some More Interesting Rumors!

We have recently heard from more than one source that Disney Cruise Line is in talks with the Port in New York over the possibility of making NYC the home port for the Disney "Fantasy" which is set to sail in 2012. Nothing has been confirmed, but looking back at when the DCL first set sail, Michael Eisner was quoted as saying: "Wouldn't it be great to one day have a Disney Cruise Ship set sail from every major port..." *We all know that Disney's major projects evolve even as they are being built. Now the buzz is getting louder that new Parks & Resorts Chairman Tom Staggs is making some changes to the WDW Fantasy Land expansion. Rumor has it that he is not too happy with the heavy reliance on the Princess franchise and wishes to bring some more "boy friendly" aspects into it. We'll see as this develops.



DVC Rumors Flying Around Like Crazy!

A strange rumor of a Port Orleans DVC wing pops up occasionally, but now the old Polynesian rumor has surface again along with a new rumor about plans being finalized for a DVC Resort near Coronado Springs. Crazy, crazy crazy... any of you guys know anything? Let us know. I'm sure something is in the oven, but which one?



CONFIRMED!!! Captain EO Return To EPCOT and Disneyland Paris (Update)

Captain EO's return to Disneyland has been extremely popular. Disney just officially announced its return to Tokyo and the buzz is even stronger than ever for EPCOT and Disneyland Paris. It hasn't been announced yet, but we are hearing that an announcement may come real soon!

As another crazy little nibble, we're hearing buzz again they Mickey's hat may be removed from Disney's Hollywood Studios and it will come with another announcement. (How about that Muppet dark ride??? Not a rumor, just my wishful thinking!)



Premiere Date For California Adventure's World Of Color.

For a while we've been hearing from several sources that Disney's World of Color will be officially debuting on June 11, 2010, with soft opening about 2 weeks prior. We're super excited about this show as it promised to be Disney's best nigh time spectacular yet. Of course being the pyrotechnics geek that I am, I'll keep it in a separate category from the pure fireworks shows. Check out a cool video about the show here!



Updates to Toy Story Mania May Be In The Works.

We've heard the rumors since the beginning of TSM that games can be changes out over time, maybe randomized or even get holiday overlays. This may actually come to pass. We here that a Halloween overlay may actually be in the works set to debut this fall. Anybody hear more about this? Let us know!



"Lost" Attraction Rumors Flying Around Again.

We keep hearing all of this buzz about the previously rumored "Lost" attraction based on the ABC TV series. They have been as far out as re-themeing Tom Sawyer Island in MK, reviving the old Discovery Island in Bay Lake and even a virtual attraction utilizing the Robo-Coaster technology as used in EPCOT's "Sum of All Thrills". I'm not too sure about all of this, but it's too crazy not to pass along. If we hear anything else, we'll be sure to pass it along.



CONFIRMED!!! Wishes Fireworks in Magic Kingdom May Be Replaced

Sources tell us that a replacement for our beloved "Wishes" fireworks show at WDW's Magic Kingdom is in the works. One source told us that a "transitional" show will be used to test some new ideas before a final new show is put in place. Anybody hear anything about this? Let us know.



SEMI-CONFIRMED!!! Captain EO Return To Disneyland & EPCOT (Update)

Captain EO's return to Disneyland has officially been confirmed by Disney for a limited time run starting Feb. 2010. Nothing official for EPCOT has been announced yet, but we are still hearing a possible late spring 2010 arrival. At that time, we are told, Disney will begin creating the long term replacement for "Honey I Shrunk The Audience." One source said that we may actually hear something about Tokyo Disneyland first. We'll keep our ears open.



CONFIRMED!!! Main Street Electrical Parade May Return To Magic Kingdom

A little birdie told us that with the opening of "World of Color" at DCA, the Main Street Electrical Parade will head back to Magic Kingdom in WDW. There also may be a new addition and refurb as well before it returns. We'll keep you posted.



CONFIRMED!!! Captain EO Return To Disneyland & EPCOT (Update)

We've heard from several sources that Captain EO has the green light for Disneyland and it should return some time in February of 2010. Look for a January refurb of the theater. We've also been told that may be dancing his way back into the Imagination Pavilion in EPCOT by Summer 2010. Planned as a limited run, this may be the segway to a new 3D experience yet to be determined.



CONFIRMED!!! Captain EO Return To Disneyland & EPCOT (Update)

At Last week's D23 Expo, it was mentioned several times that Disney is in fact looking into the return of Captain EO to the parks, but no official date or venue has been stated as of yet. Let's continue to keep our fingers crossed.



CONFIRMED!!! New Disney Cruise Villain Show

Disney is apparently casting for a new Disney Villain based show that I am told will be performing on the Disney Cruise Line. I wonder if we will hear anything about this when Disney officially announces the new cruise destinations at D23 on 9/11/09. Check Disney's Official Announcement Site Here after 12 Noon Eastern Time on 9/11/09.



CONFIRMED!!! Captain EO Return To Disneyland

Although this has been rumored since the unfortunate passing of Michael Jackson, it seems that the cat is desperately scratching his way out of the bag. I am now told from somebody deeper inside that the announcement will be at D23 on September 10th and Mr. Jackson will make his 3d encore performance in Tomorrowland in California's Disneyland for a limited run beginning in January 2010. I hope this is true because whether you're a MJ fan or not, Captain EO is a performance created by creative artists such as George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Jackson, Anjelica Huston and of course Disney Imagineers. Check out our videos page for a youtube link of EO that a fan posted.



Bits And Pieces From Around The World

We recently spent a few weeks in WDW and heard a bunch of things from cast members, some new, some old. With DVC still selling strong, management is always looking forward to the next property. Remember when we reported rumors of Hawaii and the Contemporary? And you thought we were nuts. (Actually we are, but that's not the point.) Rumors of a Polynesian DVC wing are heating up as I've heard this from several sources and I am also told that they are looking at the viability of a Port Orleans DVC wing. (???) We'll see what develops with those areas, stay tuned. Also I've been hearing some buzz of a new flume style e-ticket being developed. The crazy thing is that each source has stated a different park. I've also heard that the Fantasyland makeover will soon be announced, but not as grand as the blue-sky plans posted back in July. I have my fingers crossed with that one. I've heard a few more wild things that I just don't see happening, but I'll post more on that later, and for now - I'm patiently waiting for the D23 announcements later this week. Keep those ears open!



Beastly Kingdom Back on the Boards?

For years we hear the on-again-off-again plans to expand Disney's Animal Kingdom and finally build that mythical creature land that was on the original plans. Now buzz is vibrating my ears that Imagineering may be looking at a version of Tokyo Disney Sea's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" ride. Using a similar ride system as Test Track, Journey has a classic Disney dark ride aspect with some extreme fire effects, an encounter with one of the largest animatronics Disney ever created, and en exhilarating, high speed end sequence. I'll take it the way it is, but let's hope that this is truly the beginning of the long awaited land. Get your hopes up, but just don't hold your breath. I'll keep you posted.



CONFIRMED!!! Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Makeover - Extreme?

We've been hearing about a huge Fantasyland makeover for a while now, but the DizFanatic crew was trying not to get our hopes up too high. With the Little Mermaid ride buzz coming from so many places, we hoped for at least that. Seems that somebody leaked a drawing of the remade Fantasyland. Now this may be all blue sky, but buzz is getting louder, and with I.O.A.'s upcoming Harry potter land, Disney needs a big thing to compete in the “keeping up with Jonses” race. So now we finally speak of this with high hopes that it may actually happen. Click here to see the drawing with some descriptions that I have heard so far.



Soarin' Over The World?

With the Little Mermaid rumor buzz picking up that it may be part of an even larger Fantasy Land expansion, we keep hearing about another land, or world I should say, upgrade. It's always been said that the Soarin' copy over at EPCOT was rushed into place utilizing the same California film and would later be changed. Well that buzz is picking up, and supposedly there are Imagineers souting locations around the world to film scenes for a new Soarin' Over The World. This would be a great theme for EPCOT I must say. Little birdies are telling me 2011 or 2012.



CONFIRMED!!! Little Mermaid Ride Coming to Magic Kingdom?

With the shovel loads of cash being spent on reinventing Disney's California Adventure with great new attractions (which I am excited about) some of us wonder if there will be a flood of green headed to the east coast also. I have been hearing little birdies singing the tunes the Disney may feel some compassion for their second child. Some new projects may be headed east, one of which being a copy of the new Little Mermaid ride in construction on the west coast. Let's keep our fins crossed!



Big Hats-Off for Disney's Hollywood Studios Park?

We've be hearing little mumbles about this one, but now it seems that some public "hints" have been thrown around during the park's 20th anniversary event. I have been told that Bob Weis discussed a view down Hollywood Blvd that may be there once again while he showed an old photo without the big sorcerer's hat. I know many people hate the hat; I can take it or leave it, although I did think it was a waste of money at the time. Just like the Space Ship Earth wand, we may, in fact, see a change, or return, of scenery.



Some Small Nibbles

The rumor of Apple building the world's largest Apple store in Downtown Disney are still going strong, but not confirmed, however, the Virgin Mega store in DtD is confirmed to be closing.

With GM profits & stock in the trash (a sad thing for the American Auto industry) and their 10 year contract with Epcot running out this year, there are rumors that Toyota has an interest of sponsoring Test Track. Nothing has been confirmed on this yet.

120x60 Disney Store