Disney Announces The Newest Princess!



Walt Disney Feature Animation has been known for decades for its beloved fairytales. Staring in these critically acclaimed feature length films are such timeless princesses such as Aurora, Cinderella and Ariel, to name a few. Although the world hasn’t been graced with a new Disney Princess in more than a decade, later Princesses have taken on a stronger role and have let their ethnicity shine. We’ve seen the Native American Pocahontas bring two worlds together, Jasmine charmed Aladdin with her Arabian beauty and Mulan took on the roles of Princess and Hero her ground breaking film.

Just recently, Walt Disney Feature Animation released some official detail of its next Princess. This announcement was significant in two ways. One is that it is Disney’s return to its roots with it’s first traditionally hand drawn feature length animation since Michael Eisner’s dismantling of the unit several years ago. Two is that Disney has introduces its first African American Princess. Princess Tiana is scheduled to make her debut on the silver screen in 2009 in “The Princess and the Frog.” Behind closed doors at the studio, work is also said to be continuing on Rapunzel, and Reese Witherspoon is voicing Princess Merida for the 2011 release of “The bear and the Bow.”

With all of that buzz, the world was then shocked on June 13, 2008 when the latest ethnic princess was introduced. Although very few details have been released, this latest fairytale is said to take place in a suburb in modern day America. Another first of its kind, this Italian American Princess will grace the world with her charm and beauty. She will possess the grace and femininity of an old-world Princess along with the strengths and powers of a modern-day woman.

Ms. Yglesias of Modern Medea Media stated in an interview earlier today: “I’ve seen the early concept art and personally know the chief animators. This is surely to be the most beautiful and beloved Princess of all time…” “The excitement has never been so high here at the animation house.” stated one of the assistant animators who spoke on the condition of anonymity. He also presented us with some early photos of the concept art, which was quite impressive.

We promise to bring you more on this exciting development as it becomes available.



Just months after Disney officially announces it's first African American Princess, Gianna Mariella is introduced as the first Italian American Princess.

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