What happens when you bring the world of Disney storytelling and plug it into a game console?  You get the magical interaction that can keep the geekiest of Disney geeks excited!  In this series of articles we give you a look at Disney gaming, both past and present.

DizGamer Volume 1 - Epic Mickey Details (Updated)


DizGamer Volume 2 - A Look Back At QuackShot!


DizGamer Volume 3 - Adventures in the Magic Kingdom!


DizGamer Volume 4 - Tron Evolution!


DizGamer Volume 5 - Kingdom Hearts 3D - A First Look!


DizGamer Volume 6 - Sing It: Family Hits!


DizGamer Volume 7 - Epic Mickey Review!


DizGamer Volume 8 - The Loss of Propaganda Games.


DizGamer Volume 9 - Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is Here!


DizGamer Volume 10 - Coming Soon!



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